Since 1951, the Lagoe Oswego Corporation, of Oswego, New York, has been providing contract machining for the paper, electronic, metal and plastic industries.


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About Lagoe Oswego Corporation

Lagoe Oswego Corp. defines its business as short run contract machining.  Our qualifications begin with the cumulative experience of more than 100 years.  Using a wide range of machine tools, we apply this knowledge to specialize in the close-tolerance finishing of large-scale parts.

We have the experience.

Our client list includes major companies with high quality service demands. The Lagoe Oswego commitment to excellence serves as a guarantee that our customers get precisely what they want, when they need it.

We have the expertise.  The Lagoe Oswego team is comprised of experienced and specially trained machinists and craftsmen.  Using quality equipment, these personnel produce finished parts with special attention to individual customer requirements.

We have the facilities.  Our range of equipment allows Lagoe Oswego a work envelope of up to ten feet at its largest dimension.  Turned and flat surfaces, special angles and tight tolerances are just some of the hallmarks of our production.  All this can be had for a surprisingly competitive price.  Contact us for a quotation at